Welcome on a site of "Company "TEN"!

   We are engaged with manufacturing of tubular electroheaters (TEN). The majority electroheaters is made by the individual orders, in standard and non-standard performance. We give a complete spectrum of services: from the sketch TEN and manufacturing before installation in Voronezh city, with flexible systems of the discounts. Due to the constantly developing manufacture and application of the newest technologies we have an opportunity to make in short terms and for the price, favourable to the customer, - the most complex and large orders.

   Familiarize with production you can, having visited our office, which to be in convenient for an entrance and parking a place to the address:

st. Starih Bolshevikov, 2
Russia, Voronezh

phone/fax: +7 (473) 262-20-19, 296-03-32